Toddlers (2-3 years)

Serving at the shopWhen your child is around 2 years old, they will begin to spend more time in the Toddler room, known as the Rainbows. With their emerging physical skills, we need to make sure we provide children with lots of opportunity to move and stretch. Here we learn to come together in groups for singing or dancing, and we give children lots of chances to enjoy new experiences within a familiar environment.

Here we have a large selection of small world resources, where children immerse themselves in a landscape of dinosaurs or the dolls’ house. Or maybe your child will prefer the cosy book corner, or ask to play in the garden.

Often children will demonstrate an attachment to one or more individuals, and so early friendships begin. This can be invaluable in encouraging good behaviour such as sitting at the dinner table and trying new foods. If their friends are waiting quietly to enjoy their serving of paella and green beans, then your child is very likely to start doing the same!

Outside sand playAt around the age of 2 we will complete a formal written “Progress Check” to highlight areas where your child is doing well and any where they might need some extra help or support.

You can find out more about this in our Early Years Foundation Stage Parents’ Guide