Preschoolers (3-4 years)

Having fun painting in the pre-school roomAt about the age of 3, children spend more time in the preschool group known as the Crocodiles.

Here we have a well-resourced role play area alongside the familiar nursery activities such as sand and water play, a creative workshop and computer games. In fact, I.T. plays a big role in nursery life, with all sorts of gadgets including programmable robots, microscopes, microphones and torches. We encourage outdoor play all year round, providing resources for the children to make their own dens. They also love to experiment with large-scale household items such as guttering for the toy cars to race down and paint rollers to apply water to walls.

Parrot collage made by the childrenSoon, we start to encourage further development in areas such as literacy, maths, the arts and an understanding of the world. We need your help to tell us what interests your child, so if they love to swim, paint, or walk the dog then let us know and we will build their interests into our planned activities.

Before your child starts school, we will compile a written document for their new teacher which details how they are progressing with their learning and development. Perhaps more importantly, we will invite your child’s teacher to come and play with them at nursery.

Take a look at our Parents’ Guide to the Early Years Foundation Stage , to understand more about the activities we offer this age group.