Home-cooked food

Courgette cakes
Our healthy Courgette Cakes – find the recipe here.

As a working parent, you need to know that your child’s nutritional needs are being met throughout the day. At nursery, we are very proud of the standard of our meals. The Ofsted inspector wrote in her report that

“…children experience a wealth of exciting, nutritious and healthy meals throughout the week. The cook is enthusiastic in her work and menus encompass a wide variety of fresh foods which are monitored to ensure foods are enjoyed. Through her in-depth knowledge of children’s allergies, preferences and dietary needs, the cook ensures all children’s dietary needs are respected whilst maintaining a good balance of foods.”

There is no extra charge for our meals which include a cooked lunch and a substantial tea. In addition, healthy snacks and freshly-delivered milk are provided during the morning and afternoon sessions. Drinking water is freely available at all times.

Children and staff sit down together at mealtimes, to encourage conversation and good table manners.


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