Careers FAQ

What does the staff package include?

We offer an hourly rate according to your qualifications and experience as well as:

  • Bonus scheme for senior staff.
  • Mentoring scheme from Day 1 so that you are supported every step of the way.
  • Appraisals and reviews every four months, to ensure your meet your career aims.
  • Free development training including Safeguarding, Food Hygiene, First Aid, Food Allergies.
  • Additional in-house training including Assertiveness, Behaviour Management, Writing Observations, dealing with Toddler Frustrations, working with children who have English as an Additional Language, setting up an exciting Role Play.

staff member with baby playingWhat does the application process involve?

If you’ve been shortlisted from your CV, then the nursery manager will call you for an informal chat on the phone about your skills. If they consider you would fit in at Bambino, they will invite you to come for an interview. This is a chance to show off your knowledge of the role – don’t be shy about telling us why you think you’d be brilliant! Usually this is followed by a couple of written tests suitable for the level of job for which you are applying and possibly a ‘Stay-and-Play’ which gives you the opportunity to demonstrate your talent for working with children. We will also check references (with your permission) and carry out a DBS check (Disclosure and Barring Service.)

Do I need to pay for a DBS check?

No, as long as you stay with us for 6 months or longer we pay for the upfront cost of the DBS check so you don’t need to worry about that. All we ask is that you pay the small annual fee (around £14) to the DBS to keep your checks up to date. This means that you will never have to pay for the check again – even if you leave Bambino to work for someone else.

When do I find out if I’ve got a job with you?

To some extent, this depends on how many people we have to interview! If you’ve been shortlisted for a personal interview, we will call or email you. Due to the number of applicants, it is usual for us to tell you if you haven’t been successful by email.

What hours will I need to work?

All our staff work on a rota system, usually around 8.5-9 hours a day. You’ll need to be able to work across all of our opening hours as part of this rota – sometimes opening early, sometimes staying until the last children are gone. Occasionally we offer part-time positions. We all have a break in the middle of the day and it’s usual to grab a quick cuppa in between if you need five minutes peace!

What kind of induction will I receive?

This begins on your very first day. The nursery manager will go through some paperwork with you and begin to introduce you to your colleagues. You will meet your Mentor, a supervisor who will help to show you the ropes and train you on the standards that we expect from our members of staff. We don’t apologise for our high standards but we won’t throw you in the deep end; we will make sure you understand why we do things a certain way and check that you know our procedures.

Are there opportunities for promotion?

Absolutely. If you can demonstrate your enthusiasm and talent for working with children and prove that you are keen to develop your career, we will always try and find new opportunities for you.  You will have regular meetings with your supervisor or manager to assess your progress and talk about your plans for the future. We draw up an Action Plan together and it will show you what you need to do to move up to the next level.