Babies (0-2 years)

Under the baby room bridgeIf you are returning to work after maternity leave, your main concern might well be how your little one will fare without you. You will always be the most important person in your baby’s world and so our professional staff will work very closely with you to help them settle at nursery.

Babies play in a room specially designed to engage little ones. Here we focus on promoting physical development, along with their communication and language skills and their personal, social and emotional development. All our resources are chosen with these aims in mind.

To one side is a Billy Goat Gruff bridge, with hidey holes and a baby-friendly carpet ramp; to the other, a low table surrounded by tiny chairs. In between is a whole range of baby-friendly toys, books and activities.

In the book cornerOutside, a safe play area has been fenced off especially for use by the babies, and there is a sheltered under-cover area to protect from the sun and rain.

Back inside we have created a restful Sleep Room, where you can choose if your baby rests in a wooden cot, on a special nursery sleep-mat, in a baby bouncer, a pushchair or even in a dog basket. Wherever your little one likes to nap at home, we will endeavour to provide the same at nursery.They have their own sheets and blankets which we wash weekly at nursery.

Take a look at our Early Years Foundation Stage Parents’ Guide, to find out more about the approach we take with this age group.