Role play at nursery

 at Wellingborough Day Nursery Pre-school HairdressersAll children play at being adults. The game may have different names – Role Play, Let’s Pretend, Playing Grown-ups – but it’s essentially the same thing. They observe what we do and then act it out.

As babies, they start by acting out alone. Give a baby your phone and they may put it to their ear and babble. Or perhaps even more likely these days, they’ll probably either “text” or hold up the phone for a selfie smile!

In time, children may begin to play alongside each other and eventually include each other in their games. At nursery, we like to offer lots of opportunities for the children to develop their role play skills and often with their help, we put together some scenarios: a hairdressers, a shop, a vet’s.

This isn’t just to stimulate their imaginations, though. Through these Let’s Pretend games, we see improvements in communication and language, in social skills and in a general understanding of the world. These games can also help children to manage their feelings and solve problems, as any kind of group role play involves co-operation. With a bit of clever preparation from our staff, we can also help promote maths and literacy skills (counting money, weighing fruit, measuring shoe sizes.)

Playing doctors at Wellingborough Day Nursery Pre-school So although these “Grown-up” games are as old as childhood itself, we continue to enjoy their presence at nursery and will continue to make them a core part of the nursery day.


Role play at nursery