Supporting Home-Start in Wellingborough

Many of you will already be aware of the work that Home-Start does in Wellingborough because almost all of the readers of this blog are – or are about to be – parents of young children.

The charity works with families of preschool children and babies who, for whatever reason, are struggling to cope. And let’s face it, parents of little ones have many reasons to struggle: sleeplessness, finances, behaviour issues, juggling work and meeting the needs of extended family, can all put huge pressures on new mums and dads.

In addition, some parents are also struggling with serious poverty, physical disabilities, mental health issues, bereavement and even domestic violence and addictions of various kinds.

Volunteers at Home-Start help parents with all of these issues by visiting them in their own home and supporting them with ways to manage these challenges. The volunteers themselves are parents and have been trained to offer help in a non-judgemental way. They can also put parents in touch with other specialists who can support during these challenging times.

What makes Home-Start volunteers different from all the other “experts” is that they never judge. Families in Wellingborough say that their volunteers are more like friends who have thrown them a lifeline, and that is something really special.

I’m lucky enough to be the co-chair of Home-Start Wellingborough and District because the charity has played such an important role in the lives of many of the nursery families.

I see first-hand the impact that the charity has made on mums and dads and carers who are struggling to cope. This year, as the nursery staff prepare for the traditional “Children in Need” fundraising effort in November, we’ve made the decision to donate any money raised directly to help families in the town, by giving to Home-Start Wellingborough and District. We hope you will support us.

Sharon at Wellingborough Day NurseryThank you.

Sharon Peach

Co-chair, Home-Start Wellingborough & District and

Co-owner, Wellingborough Day Nursery





Supporting Home-Start in Wellingborough