Jo’s staff success story

Jo Hicks, Regional Manager Wellingborough Day Nursery
Jo Hicks, Regional Manager

“I thought I would write a little narrative about why I think Bambino is the best childcare setting to work for in the world, well Northamptonshire at least!

My first role with Bambino was maternity cover as senior nursery nurse, running the 2-3 room. I remember really debating whether to take the position, as it was such a risk with a mortgage and bills to pay, and no guarantee that the position would be longer than 6 months. I can honestly say this is one of the best decisions I have ever made and was worth every element of risk.

After only a couple of months of working for the company, the directors Sharon and Scott reassured me that they would do everything they could to find me a position once the maternity cover ended, as they were impressed with the quality of my work and wanted to keep me. It was extremely endearing to feel truly valued by my employers and know they fully supported my developing career.

And that is exactly what they did! In January 2008 I was promoted to Deputy Manager and by July 2009 I was successful in being promoted to Manager. Through every step of the journey I was provided with support, advice, training, encouragement and praise.

So after only 3 years I had progressed from a temporary cover position, to being Manager of the whole nursery. Then four years ago I was promoted to Regional Manager, looking after standards across the three nurseries in the group. The company is genuinely dedicated to valuing and advancing their staff, to achieve the maximum from each individual’s ability, dedication, passion and aspirations.

Never have I been allowed to become bored in a position. Sharon and Scott have always been totally onside to improve my skills and promote me to more challenging roles, whenever appropriate. This included supporting me throughout my university degree, both by adapting my work-life to suit but also with unconditional support, even proof reading assignments and reassuring me when I didn’t think I could possibly do any more. Not only are they my bosses, but over the years they have become my friends too!”

Jo’s staff success story