Roz’s staff success story

Roz Worster, Senior Manager Wellingborough Day Nursery
Roz Worster, Senior Manager

“I started working for this amazing company in September 2008 as a Senior Nursery Nurse at
Harpole Day Nursery, the only nursery in the Bambino group at the time. I was leading the pre-school room and I immediately enveloped myself in the warmth and encouraging working atmosphere. There i really started to develop my leadership qualities and am lucky enough to continue working alongside staff who I met in those early days – they’ve become friends for life, in fact!

I then progressed into the Deputy Manager’s role within Harpole Day Nursery and this is
probably the role where I surprised myself with my hidden capabilities. When I think about it, it’s partially due to the close mentoring from the company giving me the confidence and drive to excel within this role. I look back at my time here with a great fondness.

It seemed like my dream had come true when I was asked if I would like to cover my current Manager’s maternity leave. I remember vividly having around 3 weeks left of my management training and my current Manager said she had a niggly back ache and was going home for a hot bath and she would see me the following day ….

I remember just as vividly the text coming through telling me that her baby boy had arrived! The blood draining to my toes and my heart was beating hard in my chest as I realised this was it!

I learnt a lot from my acting role as Manager and started to develop my own leadership style and
realised that I was a real ‘people person.’ I devoted my time to staff and parents and ensuring
children within my care were reaching their potential.
When Bambino opened a second nursery, I was asked if I would like to take on the permanent post of ‘Nursery Manager’ at Little Houghton Day Nursery which opened it’s doors in 2011. This was a fabulous position to be able to develop and grow my own nursery and grow it did! We opened with just three children on the role but within its first year it was full and it received an Outstanding grading for its first Ofsted, becoming well known for it’s high quality of care.
Now 8 years later I am writing this with my Senior Manager badge attached firmly to my Bambino Ltd uniform and have held this post since January 2016. With the take-over of another nursery in Wellingborough, we now have 3 very successful nurseries and I have the privilege of overseeing standards of practice across all of them. My absolute drive within this role is to develop practitioners in the very same way I was developed 8 years ago and for the staff to discover career possibilities that they might never have dreamt they were capable of!”

Roz’s staff success story