Job description for a nursery nurse

We are currently interviewing for the perfect nursery practitioner to join us. These are some of the qualities on our list 🙂

Alex at Wellingborough Day Nursery

Main responsibilities

  • To provide an unlimited supply of hugs whenever needed.
  • To make every child feel wanted.
  • To remain unfazed by strong smells.
  • To remain unfazed by unrecognisable stains.
  • To visibly relish a plastic meal of fried egg, banana and a can of baked beans whilst seated on the smallest chair you’ve ever seen.
  • To achieve the above whilst spotting learning opportunities in maths, literacy and social development.
  • To make notes on individual children’s learning at the same time as removing glue from hair and leading a chorus of Five Currant Buns.
  • To identify solitary gloves and socks and reunite with their small owners before hometime.


Special skills

  • Removing peas from nostrils.
  • Superhero senses when your back is turned.
  • Spotting stray plastic cars in the African Snail tank.
  • Accurately assess nappy sizes whilst legs are flailing.
  • A knowledge of Disney characters and their attendant songs is desirable.
  • Discretion. The news of Mummy’s baby in her tummy is best speedily forgotten until such times as Mummy announces it herself.

Amy at Wellingborough Day Nursery


  • Maths. Plus an aptitude for counting rapidly-moving individuals several times an hour.
  • English. You will also need the freakish ability to read stories upside down so everyone can see the pictures.
  • Music and drama. The confidence to sing loudly at harvest festivals and Christmas concerts.
  • Technology skills to include an awareness of rogue dinosaurs in CD-ROM compartment.


Most importantly of all, we are looking for someone who wants to have fun, so that work doesn’t feel like work!

To apply, please send your CV and covering letter to

Job description for a nursery nurse