Baby whispering

How easy is it to communicate with your baby? Are you confident that you know what your baby is trying to tell you? Baby Talk can sometimes seem a complete mystery to new parents so we’ve gathered together a few tips to try and help you out in the early days.

This article from hasĀ  a some good suggestions if you are struggling to interpret your little one’s body language. identifies some of the different types of crying heard in very young babies. (And now researchers have found that it can actually be beneficial for the baby if you speak in a high-pitched voice!)

We also recommend a peek at as this article has some very detailed explanations for different methods of communication.

It goes without saying that as a parent you are the best person of all to make sense of your baby’s various squeaks and noises. Our own nursery nurses at Wellingborough Day Nursery have found that often a distressed baby is calmed by either walking to the window or taking them outside into the fresh air – often a change of environment will help to soothe.

Have a little look at the video below for some more ideas, too. And remember that you can always ask for support from staff at nursery; we will do our best to help!


Baby whispering