Ofsted arrives!

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So, six months after taking over The Toy Box, an Ofsted official arrives to see how we’ve transformed into Wellingborough Day Nursery!

We’ve actually been looking forward to our inspection, although we didn’t know exactly when it would take place. Without an inspection report, it’s very hard to demonstrate to parents the standard of care we offer at nursery. As a parent, how do you make an informed decision when choosing your nursery? Showrounds are arguably the most important tool as there is no substitution for personal experience, but a written report from industry experts is also invaluable.

The inspector spent much of her time observing our general practice. She watched the Crocodiles making playdough; observed staff playing with balloons in the baby room and made notes on the activities set out for the Rainbows. She sat in at meal times and talked to the children while they enjoyed their food. She poured over all our planning documents and Policies and Procedures. She interviewed all the staff extensively – particularly about issues to do with safeguarding children – and tested us to see if we would know what to do in emergency situations. The inspector wanted to know about our processes for supporting children with additional needs and she was interested to know how we monitored children’s development. She also interviewed several of our parents about their own experiences here.

It was a thoroughly exhausting day, but I feel that she left no stone unturned and whatever the final judgement, it will be fair. Ofsted will send us the final report in the next few days and we will let you know as soon as it arrives. It will also be available on their website.

Ofsted arrives!
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