Settling your child into nursery

Settling your child into nursery article
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If you’ve ever been concerned about the best way of settling your child into nursery, have a look at this month’s Child Magazine. Our article is on page 8, and it’s full of lots of ideas for helping your little one to get the most out of childcare. Here’s a mini-version of the article:

  • When you drop off, show your baby how excited you are about their chance to have this experience. Try not to show your own anxiety. Your baby will settle better if they know that you are comfortable with the situation.
Child Magazine cover March/April
Child Magazine March/April
  • If your child should be upset, tell them very gently and clearly that you will be back later to pick them up. This is the most important lesson that your little one will learn – that you will always, always come back.


  • At pick up time, appreciate that your baby may be experiencing a range of emotions when he or she sees you, from excitement through to tiredness. Young children may express this with tears, as they won’t have the language to communicate all their feelings – don’t assume that this means they’ve been upset all day. Trust what the staff are telling you.

And finally, if your baby settles to playing straight away, try not to be offended! A nursery is a new and exciting place, and many children thrive here from the beginning. It doesn’t mean that they don’t love you or miss you – it means that you are a fantastic parent who’s raising a confident little person.

Settling your child into nursery
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