New Furniture

How exciting that we’ve taken delivery this week of much of the new furniture we ordered last month! We are aiming to bring most of the storage down to child level, so that everyone can choose their favourite toys and we’ve been reorganising so that each room is ‘zoned’ for different purposes.

The book corner armchairs were the first to arrive, complete with a fresh new rug and a little canopy to make it snug. Shortly afterwards, we took delivery of the role play equipment. This is a collection of beautifully-made child-sized wooden furniture: a market stall, a mini-kitchen and a puppet theatre. The staff and parents have been helping the children to stock it with some lovely items for the children to play with.

Next came the wooden Billy Goats’ Gruff Bridge for the baby room. We had a mad dash to finish the painting in this room before the furniture arrived but luckily we finished in time! The bridge is so lovely – a really high quality piece of equipment for the children to test their crawling and walking skills. There are low, perspex mirrors all around which has fascinated the little ones, and best of all, the bridge itself creates a cosy den underneath which has delighted all of us.

A couple of days later found the staff grappling with some more enormous boxes and the new baby room wooden table and chairs. These are important because the chairs offer excellent support in a similar way to a high-chair, but they allow the babies to be grouped around a table with their friends.

And towards the end of the week, the staff began creating a lovely space for the older children to flex their creative muscles, with a fully-stocked workshop. The new units here hold all manner of craft items from pipe cleaners to goggle eyes, from scraps of fabric to cardboard boxes. As you can imagine, it’s a bit like Santa’s grotto to a 3 year old, so we have a lot of very excited preschoolers on our hands!

New Furniture